Monday, September 26, 2011

Neuturogena Transparent Facial Bar (Frangrance Free)

So I know, I've been ghost as far as blogging goes! I left my camera at home when I came to school and felt like I couldn't blog (sad face) I like adding pictures. But seeing as my camera has not even been shipped out, it's probably gonna be another two weeks before I get some good pics.

Oh yeah, I see I've got some new subscribers. *smile* Thanks for subscribing!!

But anyway back to the topic at hand. My review of Neutrogena's soap bar. Every now and then you got to go back to the basics and at just under two dollars, I figured I'de give it a go.

Neutrogena claims:
Neutrogena Original Formula Fragrance-Free Facial Cleansing Bar is made with glycerin and other high-quality ingredients, so it is exceptionally clean-rinsing and won't leave any pore-clogging residue.  Pure and gentle, its hypo-allergenic formula contains no harsh detergents, dyes or hardeners.  And because it is fragrance-free, it is recommended for fragrance-sensitive skin.

Yes, I know it's fragrance free. But it still has a smell, which in my opinion is horrendous!!! It smells like raw turkey meat, or pork, it's gross. I hate it and can't stand it. And for me it's a deal breaker.

What does it look like:
It's a weird orange color.

It  cleans my face really well, get's all the make-up off.

Any Reactions?
My face is bumpier than usual. Not as smooth.

Umm, my face feels moisturized and dry at the same time. I think it's the glycerin, any-who, it's not the smoothest surface for putting on makeup, and a moisturizer is a must.

TEA Stearate, Triethanolamine, Sodium Tallowate, Glycerin, Water (Purified), Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Ricinoleate, TEA Oleate, Cocamide DEA, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E)

The ingredient list is quite simple. But most of the ingredients, my face isn't really feelin'.

Unfortunately, this is not a repurchase for me. Which is odd, I thought I would love it because Neutrogena makes my favorite face cleaner, Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleaner, but this was a no go for me. I might try the scented version though. Make sure you keep it dry though, or else it will melt!!