Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Body Shop Haul

My excuse this time is the great sales. AND I only had one more point to get my twenty five dollars of free stuff. They had a great Black Friday sale though, any three for thirty and they continued it into Saturday and had it for Cyber Monday!!!

Here's what I got!!
Lemon Body Butter $8.00
Strawberry Body Butter $8.00
Vanilla Body Butter $9.00
Macademia Body Butter $9.00
Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette $12.50
Vanilla Perfume Oil FREE
White Musk Perfume $12.00
Vanilla Eau De Toilette FREE
Cocoa Butter Body Wash-  $10.00
Vanilla Body Wash $6.00
Almond Hand Cream (not pictured, for my mom) $4.00

If you check the prices on this stuff you'll see I saved quite a bit of money!!
I'm gonna give it a rest though, until my birthday month when I get ten dollars off of course...then I'll pick up a body butter for six bucks...