Saturday, December 3, 2011

Q-Tips, Q-TIps, Q-TIps

I'm so excited. This is the first product I received for free to post a review on my site. Don't worry I'm still going to be just as honest as if I had actually paid for it.

Q-Tips are just one of those things that I tend to take for granted, that is until I don't have any. It's one of those things that we never seem to run out of. Now mostly my family buys Q-Tip brand but a few times we have had Johnson & Johnson brand Q-tips. I never really paid enough attention to notice the differences.

I receieved the travel sizes (30 Q-TIps) so I can't comment on the full size packaging. But the purse size packages are really cute. I never really liked the plastic and cardboard containers. I think after these are done I'll just keep on refilling them.

So I received the precision point and the regular.

Here are their claims:
Regular:Q-tips® cotton swabs are:
  • An affordable, clean alternative to expensive makeup brushes
  • A must-have tool for baby care, especially around hard to reach places as well as convenient and clean to have on-hand in the nursery
  • Biodegradable when composted and packaging is recyclable*
  • Made from 100% cotton and have the most soft cotton at the tip than any other swab**
Precision:Do you need precision? There is a swab for that.

The new swab from the Q-tips® brand is specially designed for touch-ups and getting into small spaces. Made with tapered tips at both ends, 100% cotton, and a gently flexible stick, Q-tips® Precision Tips™ are perfect for a variety of precision uses.
So what do I use Q-Tips for?

Making my red lipstick perfect. Don't want red all over. These absorbed the extra product PERFECTLY. I tend to like the precision tip for this better because the blunt tip can seem a little bulky at times.

I use it to do nail clean up. But I'm not gonna lie, I only do it when I'm painting my nails last minute. Most times I just wait for the shower to get rid of the polish on my skin. But there are those days. And the precision tip works like a dream at this and it doesn't get all soggy when I put it in the nail polish remover.

Most importantly, I use these to clean my ears. Inside and out. And yeah I know your not supposed to stick them in your ears, but sometimes it just feels too good!!!

You can use these to do makeup but only in a pinch, like if you don't have access to your brushes. These don't blend eyeshadow the best but the precision smudges eyeliner pretty well if you don't have anything else. Again, only in a pinch. Make sure you have some in your makeup bag!!

Click here to check out more uses from the Q-Tip website.

What I don't like about these is that they sometimes have too much cotton. When I use them in my ears the cotton disassembles easily and I'm scared some might get left in my ears but when your using it for your outer ear this is good because they have more cushioning and it won't be the stick scratching your's always the cotton. I think I might like the precision tip better for almost everything though, even ear cleaning, I might just abandon regular altogether!

There are many other uses for Q-tips around the house and for babies, but these are just the things I use them for. How can you go wrong with Q-Tips. Get you some!! I think I'm going to have to invest in a big box of the precision tips though.  I'll update on the price when I see it but Q-Tip have never been excessively priced.

Picture of what they will look like. They will not be releasing the purse packs I recieved.