Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss in Elegant Bronze

Surprise! Another Black Radiance Lip Gloss Review. I've tried quite a few colors and for the most part I really love these glosses. They cost about $2.99 which is pretty good. I really need to try some of their other products.

Black Radiance claims:
Captures all the light from a prism and applies it to your lips for a new-dimension elegance. Moisturize your
lips with one of these diva-tastic colors, making your lips irresistibly kissable with extra shine and shimmer.

It's called Elegant Bronze but honestly I wouldn't call it a bronze. It's more of a orangy-burgundy- red. If that makes sense. The color is beautiful, it kinda reminds me of the Rose Desire Gloss but this one has much more color pay-off and is richer.

Lasting Power:
About three hours then you have to reapply, I don't mind though.

A little bit. It's certainly not drying.

I love the texture, it's smooth and always makes my lips feel smoother.

Do I Recommend? 
Heck yes. The color pay-off is nice and the color is a good one for your collection. I need to pick up more of these!! Have you tried anything from Black Radiance?