Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Connection to my Great Grandmother

I was talking to my grandfather and learned the MOST interesting thing about my great grandmother whom I don't remember much at all. I think I saw her one time.

I must have been around four and I just remember being led to a dark little room and there being two extremely OLD people sitting in rocking chairs and chewing on sunflower seeds. I'm guessing that one was my great grandmother and one was my great grandfather.

As you probably know, they didn't have perfumes back then. Well at least not in my family. They all worked on the farm. They mostly used home made lye soap to stay smelling fresh. But my grandpa told me that his mother would squeeze the peel of oranges on her wrist and neck before going off to church. I tried it and I have to admit it smells pretty good. She must have had some strong fingers to do so.

Anywho, I was so excited to learn that, I thought I would share with my readers!! I wish I had a photo to share also...

Anywho, does anybody know anymore of what they did "back in the day" to stay looking and smelling fresh without all the products we have now?