Wednesday, December 14, 2011

N.Y.C Ultra Last Lip Wear in Red Flame

 It was about that time to go ahead and get a new lipstick. So I headed over to the NYC display and picked this up for $1.99. I love how cheap they are. If I don't like they biggie.

NYC claims:
Re-apply? Who has the time?! NYC New York Color Ultra Last LipWear is wearable, ultra lasting and stays on up to 6 hours. Perfect for your morning meetings and all-night parties. The rich, silky formula is so creamy and comfortable. It's super-affordable too. Great for girls on the go.

I really like the color. I don't love it though. Maybe I just haven't gotten used to it. It looks like a going out color. It's kind of an orange based red. Sometimes it looks a little too orange.  I like to add a little brown liner on the outside so I don't look "clownish". It's metallic-y though.

Does it last? 
Sure, a few hours. The down-side to this stuff is if I wear it too often, I get the worst dried out lips ever. I have to give my lips a "break" from this stuff, and can't wear it too many days in a row.

One of my gripes is the scent. I hate the smell of these lipsticks and wish they would add a lil scent. I wouldn't apply this and then try and put my lips all up in somebody face. (LOL)

Do I recommend?
For the price, yeah. It's not a must have but I had fun trying out a new color for cheap!!