Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yankee Candle Witches Brew Small Tumbler

Stop Giving me the side-eye. YES! I know it's February, and YES I am going to review a Halloween Candle. I couldn't wait for Halloween to light this one up. I got this on clearance for three bucks! Who could pass this one up.

If it hadn't been on sale, I probably would have. It's definitely not a scent I would have ever picked on my own. When I sniffed it in the store, I could barely smell it, so I wasn't sure what it was gonna be like when I finally took it home and lit it.\

Yankee Candle describes it as:
The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell. 

And let me tell ya, I LOVE IT! It's definitely one that you have to be in the mood for. I don't really know patchouli scents like that (I've only used a HEMP body butter that was Patchouli scented) but as I become familiar with the scent, I like it. It's different. And the scent throw is fabulous, especially for the size.

It's earthy and when I light this candle I think of a scary night, maybe a graveyard of freshly dug earth. I know it sounds bad, but it really isn't. It's just so dark and mysterious smelling. I have it lit right now and my imagination is running away with me. In fact, this is what this candle makes me think of.

So in conclusion, it is the PERFECT Halloween scent. Unfortunately it will probably be burnt up by then. If you see in definitely give it a sniff.