Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BIC Soleil Triple Blade For Woman Sensitive Skin

So I only got this because it was 23 cents!! I couldn't afford to not get it. It was orginally $2.23 but I had a coupon for two dollars off. Savings like that could make my whole week. It's a good thing I did get these too because I left my Venus one at home. Going four months without shaving is just a little bit much for me. Can you imagine?

BIC claims:
Soleil™ just made women's shaving hotter! Triple-blade technology that will deliver a smooth, close shave. Lube strip that provides soothing Aloe and Vitamin E moisturizers for softer skin. Curvy, non-slip handle that allows for an easy grip in the shower or bath. Stylish design. Four vibrant sun-toned color

What I like about these:
They are ORANGE! My favorite color 
They work..OK
The Grip

What I don't like about these:
My skin hurts a little after using them
Those strips are only effective for the first shave
My skin is extra dry after using these (it takes days to recover)
Could fit a little into my hand

So would I buy again? Nope. Not unless they are on sale. But I'm stuck with them until I go back home.