Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haagan Dazs Blueberry Crumble Ice cream

Over the spring break I tried the most wonderful thing in the world. I was in Walmart getting some food to sustain me for the week when I went to pick up some sherbert icecream. I was passing the Haagan Daaz display when THIS caught my eye. Blueberry Crumble...Ice cream?? Should I...should I not? Haagan Dazs does make the best ice cream. Finally I just put it in my basket. They had the peach one but I passed that one up. (I may try later)


This. Is. So. Good.

The blueberry are so fresh. And there are a couple of them folded into the icecream. It has the perfect flavor. Who knew blueberry is such a good flavor.

The crumble is pretty good...I just wish there was more of it.

Anyway, this is some good stuff. It inspired me to make blueberry cobbler over the break,which came out amazing by the way. Even more amazing topped with ice-cream. I wish I would have taken pictures.

If you see it, you must try. I'm about to run to the freezer and eat the last of mine. (Third carton by the way).