Monday, March 19, 2012

ScentSacionals Vanilla Cupcake Fragrance Cubes

I saw a review for this on youtube and HAD to pick at least one up. The general consensus is that the Better Homes and Garden's Tarts smell better (they are both made by the scentsacionals company). I sniffed them all then decided that my fat self had to have the cupcake scented one.

Now, the tarts I am most familiar with are Yankee Tarts. Yankee tarts cost two dollars and you only get one. These scentsacional tarts cost the same but you get six. You can clearly see which are the better deal.

Scentsacional Scent description:

Fun, tempting, yet calorie-free, this delightful scent smells just like a white cupcake topped with rich buttercream frosting!

The packaging is too cute and the tarts are pink!!!

Now upon sniffing, it does indeed smell like a cupcake. But when I warmed it (on my candle warmer in a glass bootleg cheap alternative) the cupcakey smell weakened a little and the vanilla scent took over a bit more. I don't mind because I love that scent anyway. I don't know if it's just my warmer but the scent permeated the room for a twenty-four hours if not a little bit more.

It was heavenly. (Yankee's Vanilla Cupcake is a tad better but who cares!?!)

It might be a little different in a regular warmer. But for the price it is an amazing deal. I highly recommend and I will be purchasing more.