Friday, March 23, 2012

Yanke Candle North Pole House Warmer Jar

My obsession with this candle started with the tart. I bought four of them and the whole hour ride home, I could stop sniffing this. It would honestly probably make me happy to tape it to my nose and smell it all day long. Seriously.

Anyway, I had some book return gift card money from Amazon and got this for free basically. Without the sale price it's like 28 dollars. Expensive right? But sometimes you can find it on sale.

Yankee's scent description:
What holiday dreams are made of . . . a sweet blend of icy cool mint and sugary rich vanilla cream.

To me it smells like a peppermint marshmallow. Mmm. The tart is actually more pepperminty and has this cooling sensation every time I would sniff it. This one not so much.

And the scent throw is weak. This candle should smell for miles and miles because it's so big. It only scents the area around it. Unless you have had it on for like seven hours.

As much as I love the scent, I hate the candle. It refuses to burn to the edges without a TON of aluminum foil. I had this issue where when I would light it, it would smoke continuously. One time the room was full of smoke.  To try and fix it I would then snip the wick. Still smoking so I kept trimming it. Until I trimmed it so low there was barely any flame. Then I had to scoop out wax to make the flame higher, which was a waste of wax. 

Now it's fixed but I still have to use layers and layers of foil to make it burn evenly. Which is a pain!!

I love the scent but would not recommend it. Sorry Yankee.