Monday, April 23, 2012

Beauty Pet Peeves

Today were going to talk about 

Isn't that cute? It's a pet...named PEEVES. No? I thought it was cute anyway...

But to be more specific..we will talk about Beauty Pet Peeves....

1. Ashy Colored Lip Color- We've all seen it. There's always a woman..somewhere that picks up the ashiest pink color that she can find and spreads it all over her lips like she thinks it's cute. I especially hate when I see women doing it out in public. I just don't understand.

2. People with lips so ashy they crack..and peel..and flake off. I've seen someone with lips so flaky one time I was scared it was gonna fall off. Can you imagine? What if they had been a cook and it fell into some soup or something? Eww. I'm grossing myself out.

3. People that put on one ashy pastel, ashy, chalky eye shadow color...and they're not in high school. 

4. Women that wear a funky eye shadow color that goes from the lash line right up to the brows. WHY?

5. Women that put on two conflicting colors on their faces. For example if you are wearing red lipstick don't put on bright orange eye shadow or hot pink blush. It looks like a party on your face.

6. People that paint their short stubby bitten down nails. And had the nerve to post pictures online...

7. People that leave on the same nail color for 3 months. So they have three random specks on a few nails. Is it so hard to take off?

8. When a lady dresses to impress..I'm talking nails done, hair done, everything did. Got heels on and look amazing...except their face. As in they aren't rocking any makeup. Why go through all that trouble and then leave the face naked? Put a little something on! Everyone has a friend that knows how to bang out faces.

9. Women that wear their hair half weave..and half their real hair. Only they bought the silkiest hair they could find and their hair is...not silky at all. And then in addition to that their hair is one inch long so you see exactly where their hair ends and the super silky begins.

10. Women that make tutorials on youtube that have NO business doing one because they haven't learned the trade themselves. There's one lady that does makeup on youtube...and she ALWAYS ends up with her face looking a hot mess when she is done...I watch because it's hilarious.

11. Women that give product reviews on products they haven't even used. Example "I just bought this from Target looks smells like.... I haven't used it yet but I'm gonna come back and make a video after I do." And they name the video as "Product Review". Really? 

12. Women that avoid the sun because they don't want to get "too dark". Dark skin is very beautiful and I can't stand to hear a woman say she doesn't want to be in the sun for fear of darker skin. 

13. Women that wear too much make-up- Sometimes less is more.  There are some people that wear a lot of makeup but you can't tell..thats fine. But when I can pick out everything you wear and it looks caked on to the point where I think you peel it off at night like a mask...that's too much! 

14. And last but not least...women that draw on THICK brows. Now I like thick brows..but if they don't fit your probably weren't meant to have them. God knew what he was doing when he made your face!!

I think that's it!! I know there are a lot...And I really wanted to post pictures..but that's so mean! 

What are your beauty pet peeves?