Monday, April 23, 2012

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream New Formula

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So about a year ago, The Body shop changed their formulas on the Hemp Hand Cream, which is one of their top sellers.

Now when a company changes their formula that usually means one or two things..

1. They changed the cheaper ingredients that aren't nearly as effective as what was in the original formula. So say they were using Olive Oil, they might changed to Soybean Oil or something cheaper that saves them money. Most of the times they will just add more chemicals. Shame on them.

2. They changed the packaging...and somehow your paying more for less. The best example I have of this is cereal. Cereal used to be relatively cheap, now it's EXPENSIVE. And I'm sure you've noticed how much smaller the packaging has gotten and you pay more for that little box too.

So a change is usually better for the company and not for us, the consumer!

Anywho, back to the new formula of the Hand Cream. They changed the design on the package. It doesn't really look that much better but I'm glad it still comes in the tin packaging.

The ingredients have changed (they seem to have added more natural ingredients). I think it doesn't work as good as it used to in cold weather...I mean it still is heavy and a little protecting as it used to be :(

The amazing thing about this stuff is a while ago I spilled boiling water on my hand and was left with a nasty burn. I used this and it healed so quickly and completely. No trace of a scar. I should have used this on the burn I got in high school because that left a little trace of the scar.

Also the scent changed. It smells like noodles now and not the more herbal scent it used to be.

Oh well. What do ya'll think about products that have changed packaging?