Friday, April 20, 2012

I'll Never Get My Nails Done Again

About three weeks ago, I looked down at my cuticles and decided they needed a little TLC (or a lot). So I decided to get them done. Just a basic manicure is all I wanted. I've never had acrylics or gel nails done by the salon, they just cost way to much and it would hurt my feelings to fork over so much money. Plus, I would rather by a new nail color that I can get a lot of use out of versus paying twenty bucks or more for nails that will last a week and a half.

But anyway back to the subject at hand. I went to this salon that a friend reccomended. Mostly because they use OPI and I would much rather go to a place that uses a good brand of nail color versus the ninety-nine cent kind. So the lady soaks my nails, applies that mystery pink junk in a strange bottle and gets to work. Only she acts like she is in a rush. She doesn't really push my cuticles back all that great, in fact I get the same results using an orange stick on my dry nail bed. Then she pulls out her handy dandy cuticle cutter and proceeds to cut my cuticles off. But she cuts my skin instead, and there I go bleeding all over the place. Really?

Now I always wonder about how hygienic it is because I never see them sterilize anything. So I'm thinking "OMG, I probably just got HIV or Hepatitis." And I'm getting  angrier and angrier. But I don't say anything. I let her keep working. Then I pick my color and she polishes. And after she's done I'm looking at my nails like "I could have done a much better job. This sucks." I expect my nails to shine like glass after I get them done, and look nothing short of amazing. Not my nails.

Yeah, the whole experience just sucked, and I will NEVER get my nails done again. I'm just going to buy the stuff I need to take care of them.

Anyway, that was just my little rant. I feel better now.