Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Love Target!

Or more commonly referred to as Tar-JAY! I no longer even go to Wally World because I love Target so much (except when I'm in NC..the Target is way too far away).

Why do I love Target?

  • The make-up section is AMAZING!! They carry the Queen Collection (Covergirl), Sonia Kashuk brushes, E.L.F and etc.
  • Their natural hair section is wonderful..they pick up the smaller companies such as Miss Jessie's, Shea Moisture, and Jane Carter and make them widely available
  • They carry OPI and Essie, even though I don't buy those brands yet (my funds ain't right)
  • It's always nice in the store (Can't say the same for most Wally World's)
  • They have great prices!!
Yay Tar-Jay!!!

Anywho, I was in there today and got a bit of a haul. 

I also picked up Maybelline Full N'Soft, and a Sonia Kashuk Brush that aren't pictured. 

And guess what I noticed?
L'oreal trying to add darker shades to the True Match Line. Awhile back when they released the H.I.P line they had a wide array of darker colors in foundation. In fact, that foundation is probably my all time favorite. Of course they discontinued it though. But I'm pretty excited because they released several new shades for darker skin. Yay! Now I believe them when they say it matches 97% of skin tones!! I've got a two dollar off coupon and when I run out of my current foundation I WILL be picking some up. 

Yay L'oreal! Hopefully they keep the shades and don't discontinue them...

What's your favorite store?