Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revlon Steel-Her Heart Nail Enamel

It's been forever and a day since I've done a nail polish review. I have a few bottles that need to be reviewed so this is my attempt to get through them. I got this nail polish two Christmases ago from my little sister. She knew I wanted a black but the store didn't seem to carry any black so this was the closest. I actually wanted to try a grey color anyway.

Revlon polishes aren't usually very expensive. I would say four to five dollars is the norm. I had another color called Pink Freeze that had a similar formula. Meaning sometimes I get bubbles. And this one is a three coater for me or else I get streaks. And of course this finish means brush strokes. Kinda a pain in the butt. And I absolutely need a top and base coat to make this as smooth as possible or else it looks kinda dry on my nail.

But I really really REALLY like this color. It's kind of unusual. A deep charcoal-y gray. I've heard it compares to Chanel's Black Pearl but I can't really say as I'm not familiar with that shade. It's good for those that may be afraid of wearing a little black. It's just a beautiful color.

I've googled swatches of it, and I must say I think this color is really pops on pale skin. I can make it work on my skin if I wear the right rings.

Overall beautiful unusual color with a wonky formula. Oh yeah, ignore those dents..I was having a hard time waiting on it to dry.

What do you think? Have any shades similar? Would you rock this color?