Sunday, April 8, 2012

Slatkin Vs. Yankee


I don't claim to be an expert. But I've had a few Yankee Candles and now I own two Slatkin candles.
So here is a comparison of my observations so far.

Wax- The was is not the "good stuff". Most candle companies have switched to a vegetable wax. I have seen that Yankee  seems to be changing their wax but the majority is still the older wax. Which is a PAIN IN THE BUTT. On the larger candles I can't get the wax to melt evenly all the way across I always have to use foil.  On a candle so expensive, I should get a perfect burn without.

Smoke- I've had quite a few problems with Yankee's smoking. Even with repeat trimming of the wick. The rim of the jar turns black..and it's just not good for my health.

Price- I know they have coupons but Yankee keeps dramatically increasing their prices citing transportation and cost of the supplies. Umm...I don't believe that. A jar you can probably get for as little as a dollar, and Yankee's wax isn't exactly the good stuff. So why they charge 28 bucks not including tax is ridiculous. And I know they have coupons. But still. 

Scent Throw- Hit or Miss. My large jars I can barely smell and the small tumblers can easily scent the room. 

Wick Problems- As long as you are lucky enough to get  a candle with good wicks it will burn even. Unfortunately I got a candle with drowning wicks and I have been fighting with it to keep it burning. The one good thing is that I never have to trim the wicks, they seem to maintain themselves.

Other than that the candles I have gotten have a pretty amazing throw and burn evenly (as long as the wicks are working)

Now let's talk about price. I'm picking the candles that have similar burn time.

 So this:
 Costs: $20.00 but since it's on sale so often and I won't purchase without one, me may as well say $10.00. Then of course you can get a coupon producing further saving. 

Burn Time: 30-45. We'll take their word. I've never actually times it. One day I will though.

And then of course it's veggie wax and produces no smoke that I can see.

On the Yankee side, the most comparable is the small tumbler.

Cost: $15.99. And not often on sale. And I don't see coupons for these either. Hmm.

Burn Time: 35-45 Hours. Again Taking their word.

So what's cheaper is the Slatkin. Plus the Slatkin is much bigger anyway. More bang for your buck. Both of them have excellent return policies. But I always find it a hassle to actually return things.

So, if you can't tell from reading, the clear winner for me is Slatkin. It's a better value for the price, and it's veggie wax. I won't be getting anymore Yankee Candles unless they are on sale.

Yay Slatkin!!