Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ya'll Remember Kenya Doll??

Ok, so I was having a conversation today about old toys. So of course we talked about Cabbage Patch dolls, dolls that pooped and peed, Sesame Street's Tickle me dolls, and more. But then... Kenya dolls popped in my head. I was probably in the first grade when I got mine. So that would make it December of 1995.

Kenya,the first black doll. Sigh. (or at least the first one I received)

Good Times.

She came with "magic hair lotion" and beads and rubber bands. I can still remember how it smelled. And I remember going through it like it was nothing. It would "straighten" her hair, kind of like a relaxer. But you could wash it out and her natural curls would come back. I never succeeded in making her hair all beaded and braided up but I enjoyed trying. I would do about five braids then stop. I loved my Kenya doll.

In fact, I had two. The original one that most people had was the one with pink spray-painted on shoes..but there was another in a blue outfit with gold shoes. Now I just found out that there was a lighter skinned version and a darker one. I had the medium skin-tone one.  I somehow managed to never see commercials for the doll either.

But I found one on youtube.

Too cute.

I think I still have mine. My sister might have them actually. But as soon as I find them,she won't anymore. I'm taking my babies back. Now after a little researching I found out that some Family Dollar's and Walmart's carry them, but they aren't by the same company and of course the quality has gone down. Mine was made by Tyco.

Anyone else remember the Kenya Dolls?