Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Washable Mascara

I've wanted this mascara ever since high school and I saw a girl using it and her lashes came out pretty nice. Plus I love to try "the classics" or in other words older products that have been out for a little while. I figure if they keep it out for such a long time it MUST be good. I remember getting a magazine and seeing the add with Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire slayer). I had a dollar off coupon also so that was another reason why I finally picked it up. I paid about five bucks and some change. Not a bad price.

Maybelline claims:
Get bold beautiful eyes with Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara. It has an advanced thickening formula with Vitamin E for fuller looking lashes. The Vitamin E helps soften lashes and nourishes them for greater health. This very black mascara comes with a brush that evenly applies the formula without creating clumps, globs or smudges so the drama stays on your lashes and not on your cheek. The non-clumping formula is a plus for contact lens wearers. It is a washable mascara so it can be easily removed with soap and water for your convenience. Flaunt defined looking eyes in your next outing with this Maybelline. You can keep it handy for instant makeup.

This mascara will not give dramatic lashes, it is more of a natural-looking day time mascara. Personally, I don't get the "full" look with this. What I do get is a little more length, a little volume, and really soft lashes. The color is not that dark but like I said, this is not a dramatic mascara. The only color that is available is the very black.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this was that after a little over a week, I took a look at my lashes and they appeared to be longer and a little more curlier than before. I used Grow Luscious for about six months and didn't notice any growth at all, so I was pretty impressed. Also my lashes feel a little softer than before.

What I love about this is how easy it washes off, the fact that my lashes feel softer, and how it does not clump at all.

Now the packaging is a little outdated, it's not in one of those bright tubes that Maybelline has been putting out for a while, but I kinda like it. Also it's the old school brush of average size. (although it seemed a little small because I had been using the monster brushes from Grow Luscious and  Bad Gal before). The formula is a little drier than I was used to but it is by no means dry.  I don't think it's the most buildable but it's a nice formula, I don't get flaking and it stays put for a long while. It's not the longest lasting I have ever tried but it performs ok.

I really do like it and would recommend it, as long as your not a person that wants super dramatic lashes.  It's a little less harsh on the lashes than some other mascara can be, plus it has Vitamin E in it. Definitely worth a try.It's available in waterproof also.