Friday, May 18, 2012

New York Color Classic Coral Creme

I've had this nail polish for over two years and barely ever wore it. I think that's because I had way too many pinks at the time. I've finished all those pinks and this is the only one left.

For some reason pink looks really nice on my hands. Moreso than other colors. This one isn't really an exception. It's not coral nor is it creme it's just a medium pink with an almost metallic like finish. It works great as a stamping color or color for nail art. 

I get good wear with it with a great top coat. 

One strange thing I noticed is that when I looked for swatches online, the ones I saw had noticeable silver glitter but mine doesn't really. Either way it's an ok nail polish.  Can't really go wrong with a nintey-nine cent polish.

Still lovin' NYC polishes, although I don't really deem this one a must have.