Saturday, May 19, 2012

Urban Decay The Black Palette

So today I'm going to review my very first Urban Decay palette which was a gift from my fabulous sister! It retails for thirty six dollars and I got it for Christmas.

Urban Decay claims:
A gorgeous palette of eyeshadow... dipped in black. Dangerous sparkly-shift jewel tones and a sooty, blacker-than-black matte.
This provocative, stimulating palette of sexy black-based shades comes in a compact so dangerously cool, you'll want to put it on display. Everything you need to create a range of alluring looks (from a smudged rocker eye to a chic cat eye) is packed inside, as well as a built in mirror for on-the-go touch ups.

So it comes with six shades, a mini primer in Eden, and a 24/7 liner in Zero.
Black Dog- I've heard it raved about as being the Blackest Black but honestly I don't think it's that black. It's aight, I wouldn't buy the kit for it but I will use it.

Barracuda- Without a doubt my fave shade. This one is noticeable a grayish black when I put it one my eye's and I get compliments on it also. This is the only shade that really blew me away

Jet- Disappointing. All the "jewel-toned" disappears almost as soon as you put it on your eye, as with the other shades in this kit. It looks just like a matte purple that I got in m L'oreal HIP duo's. I was expecting more from this shade.

Sabbath- Another one I had high hopes for. This was one of the first ones I put on. I put this all over the lid then tried to do Black Dog in the crease, and they muddled together and looked like a big black mess on my eye. In order to make this look blue I have to use it with lighter colors and even then I don't think it looks that good. Very disappointing.

Cobra- This is a black with gold sparkle in it but again it minus well just be black because the gold sparkles are barely noticeable. Bummer.

Libertine- I don't have any green shadow so I couldn't wait to play in this. BUT this has no green in looks BLACK. Probably the most disappointing color.

So as you can see I wasn't too impressed with the colors, they just weren't that different from each other. I still love the Barracuda shade though.

So as I said it come's with a primer and a liner.

The liner is nice. A full size one cost's twenty bucks and I'm not sure that it's really worth that. I've used cheaper ones that work just as well.

The primer is nice also, although I think i prefer the original which is clear. When I blend this one out it leaves color, which if I'm not careful to cover up with shadow can look pretty ashy on my eyelids. It doesn't look that much different under my eye shadow either.

These are some "different" looks I did...but notice how they don't look that much different from each other?

In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend it.