Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Shapers

I was in Wally World and found a nail file from Sally Hansen for a dollar. Usually I just use nail clippers  because I've been too cheap to buy a file but this was cute and cheap so I picked it up...and I love it. It is the perfect coarseness for natural nail!!

I did both my grandmother's nails for my graduation and used this to shape them.  I even bought another at Target for seventy cents. The shape is a little different but it's the same thing.

Sally Hansen claims:

Smoothed and shaped nails are essential to a perfect manicure
Shapes, smoothes and files nails

It had a little guide on the back with the different nail shapes on it too that was pretty helpful...

Anywho, I love this little thing and would buy again in a heartbeat. I think the next file I get will be the Crystal Nail File. Anyone have one of those?