Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Bent Eye Liner Brush

I had seen this brush on youtube videos so many times and each time I saw someone use it, they seemed to get the most amazing lined eye. So I would frequent Target looking for it. But every time I went, I couldn't find it. And I would go and stare at all the Kashuk brushes just waiting. I probably went about six times. So on my seventh time going I looked below, and TA-DA. It was there the whole time, I just needed to look lower. Anywho, I paid about six bucks for it.

Kashuk says:
The bent shape works with the natural contour of your eye to deliver a smooth, straight line everytime.

And yes, this brush is ALL that and a bag of potato chips. I LOVE it. It took about three tries before I could get the hang of it but now I get the bet lines I've ever done. I don't even look at an angled brush to apply eye-liner. And I own a few.

The bent tip allows for more control and it also allows for you to see exactly what your doing.

For me, this brush is a MUST HAVE. I highly recommend it. I did notice that E.L.F has a bent eye-liner brush that is about half the price of the Kashuk one but I haven't tried it.