Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Exercise Plan

Since September I've lost 15 pounds!! Yay me! It was closer to twenty but since I've gotten out the dorms I've been eating real food. But I'm determined to keep those fifteen pounds off permanently. So I've made myself a plan.

1. Exercise at LEAST thirty minutes a day- I started on Monday. The plan is to get on the elliptical and/or  the tread mill. I've been doing both so far. If not one of those then I want to use the Wii Fit Board, a workout DVD, or just play on the Xbox.

2. Lift Weights- I'm starting off small and doing a few reps. My jiggly arms could use some toning.

3. Drink Tea- I'm trying to drink two cups of tea a day. It helps curb my appetite and speed up my metabolism.

4. Drink More Water- Drink more, eat less!

5. Sit-Ups- I'm aiming low for now...only about thirty a day. Gradually I want to get to about sixty in a day.

6 Snack Healthy- Celery, Carrots, Grapes, basically snacking on the more healthy stuff. And if I must partake of the bad stuff I must eat a serving size.

7. Portion Control- Self-explanatory. 

Anyway that's the plan. Every now and then I'll step on the scale and see where I'm at and maybe do an update!