Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beauty Wish List

I thought this would be a fun post to do. I have a long wish list but these are just some of the things I think would be nice to have and once I save up a little money, I  might buy a few of these things.

1. First on my list is The Clear Cube. I was looking up makeup storage and this was one of the things that popped up. Apparently the Kardashian's have something like this and it's supposed to be really handy for storing makeup. The drawback? This baby costs $300. Yup. You read right. I just want to see if it's worth it. Plus I don't really have any makeup storage. If I did buy this I would probably end up buying a lot more makeup because I don't have anywhere near enough to fill one up. Sigh...One day.

2.  Wrought Iron Nail Polish Rack- I found this while on ebay. It just looks so much more decorative and nicer than the plastic ones...but it costs $275. Definitely something I'll have to save up for.

3.Urban Decay Naked Palette- When I first started seeing raves for this product I ignored them. I mean, why do I want a palette full of neutral colors. But now, I kinda want one..or two.

4. Sephora by OPI-Only Gold For Me- I LOVE glitter! And this glitter looks so cool. Imagine the things I could do. I might have to order one soon!

5. Clarisonic Mia- And last but not least, I want the Clarisonic Mia. It just seems like it would be great for washing my face...I could use clearer skin.

What's on your beauty wish list?