Friday, June 8, 2012

Excuse Me Ma'am, You Have a Mustache

Don't worry, I'm talking about myself. I don't really have a "mustache" just tiny fine hairs on my upper lip. They aren't really noticeable in person but they are when I take pics so I get rid of them.

I use waxing strips that I bought fr only two euro at The Body Shop. They work great. I used to have Sally Hansen one's but they sucked.

I put on alcohol to really get the area clean. If not I get little bumps after that aren't too cute.

Then I cut the strips, warm them between my hands..and stick them off. Then I get someone to pull them off for me. And then I'm "little hair free".

To get the remaining wax off my skin I'll take some oil and rub it on the area. And I'm done.

Sidenote, have you ever seen women with an out of control mustache? I've seen about two. One working in a grocery store. It was crazy because she looked pretty feminine, she had makeup on and cute clothes. Then I looked at her face and she had a full on goatee. It was horrible. (shudders).