Monday, July 16, 2012

MAC Raizin Powder Blush

I bought this blush because it was highly recommended by numerous users on youtube as a brown girl's best friend in terms of blush. It's price is now twenty dollars although when I bought it (using gift cards) I'm pretty sure it was sixteen. I didn't keep my receipt so I can't be sure. It's my first high-end blush though as all I've had so far is drugstore.

MAC claims:
Golden reddish-brown. (matte)

At first I didn't really like it. I have a lot of red undertone in my skin and this just semmed to look a little to red on me. But that was in the winter when my skin was a little more pale and I was using a red undertone foundation.

Now that I'm more brown since it's summer and using a more yellow-tones foundation..I LOVE it. I love that it's matte, so no glitter and I love that it subtly adds a glow. I don't need much at all.

I love it and highly reccomend. Have you tried any MAC blushes?