Friday, September 7, 2012

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads-Peach Scented

I bought this at the dollar store because I was in need of some nail polish remover. I was being cheap so I decided to pick this up for a dollar. I was going to be traveling soon too and I wanted something that I could carry in my suitcase instead of lugging around a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton balls. L.A colors is not a brand I usually buy, it just seems like cheap junk..but I often pick up their nail polish stripers so I figured I'd try the remover also.

LA colors claims:
Acetone Free
Convenient pads quickly and effectively removes nail polish gently without damaging nails
Does not dry out nail surface or skin

They had another scent but I ended up going for the peach scented, and let me tell you this is a pleasant change from the chemical smelling removers I usually use. It's a very pleasant artificial peach scent that makes my fingers smell good long after I'm done using it. Yay, peach scented fingers!

The bad thing about it is that you have to use quite a bit of elbow grease to remove anything. The pads themselves are quite oily and you need about three or four to do all ten fingers since the pads are so thin and small.

Propylene Carbonate, Butyl Acetate, Alcohol (Ethanol), Water, Parfum 

Would I buy again? Well, only if I were in a pinch or needed something for travel. This is definitely not an everyday go to nail polish remover because of how much work you have to use to get them to work.