Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OPI Strawberry Margarita

I got this color as a gift. It's my first solid OPI color since my first two were both Shatter polishes. I don't really know when this color came out or what collection it was. I do know that it is part of their permanent collection and that you can get it as a gel color. 

So...everyone talks about the "pro" wide brush" and I guess  I do notice that the brush is a smidge wider but it isn't really that noticeable. It paints like any other brush.

I really love the shine of the polish...that means no top coat is needed. (I still apply one though) And the polish does wear long. 

The actual color, although nice, is not terribly unique but it does make a great summer a mani or a pedi. It's actually a bit brighter in person.

It's a nice bright pink but I wouldn't necessarily repurchase it when it's done. I do love the name though...strawberry margarita..MMMmm.

What do you think?