Monday, October 15, 2012

Men and Makeup

Not too long ago I was on a google mission. The topic: Men and Makeup. Mostly I'm just curious as to how men feel about it. I mean I know based on my own experiences...I just thought I would go ahead and write about them.

In my own dating experiences men are NOT big fans. But honestly most of them didn't even realize I was really wearing any until I put some on in front of them. Then they would usually ask me why I was putting it on and telling me I didn't need it and blah blah blah. ( I think mostly they are just saying what they think I want to hear). Then that would lead to me explaining that I don't wear makeup because I think I'm's just a hobby. Now what would bother me is these same guys while telling me I didn't need it, shouldn't wear it etc...would point out girls on the street,girls on tv or in a magazine they thought were cute and usually these girls had on a pound of makeup up. Backwards, huh?

Those were just my personal experiences though...I wanted to know more about other people's experiences. So when on google I found many lists of trends that men don't like. Stuff like neon nails, too much eyeliner,  and all this other stuff. One article stated that women don't wear makeup for men..they wear it for other women. Interesting. And I guess there's a little truth in that. Men never compliment an eye look or lip look, it's always women that notice stuff like that.

There used to be a joke about a couple that just got married and the man finally got to see his wife without any makeup on and she looked like a completely different person. Is that even possible to hide your natural face that long? I don't mind being seen without makeup. Usually I plan it do whoever I'm dating get's to see me au natural pretty soon. For example first date, I look as close to natural as possible. A little foundation and mascara. Second date, maybe some blush. Third date, eyeshadow and highlighter. So that way, I look better and better and the guy doesn't really know why, unless he knows makeup. (and he probably doesn't)

So what it comes down to? In my opinion, I think men like makeup, they just don't like obvious makeup or makeup that interferes with kissing etc.

What are your thoughts, experiences, etc?