Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My First Fondant Cake!

My little sister's birthday was on Sunday so I made her a cake! I had been watching a ton of fondant cake videos and I thought I would ATTEMPT it. (keyword being attempt).

First I made the fondant. It was a messy process but it was worth it. I made it out of marshmallows and powdered sugar. I heard that the store bought stuff tasted pretty bad and besides that it was expensive at eight bucks. I colored it with gel food coloring that I picked up. I made it two weeks in advance.

Then the night before I made a banana cake and cream cheese frosting. I let the cake sit over night in the refrigerator which I probably shouldn't have done because I think it messed up the texture. Plus my banana's weren't really ripe enough. It still had a nice banana flavor but it could have been better!

Then the day of her birthday I covered the cake in green fondant which was much easier said than done because it kept sticking to the table. I finally covered the table with crisco and powdered sugar and it stopped sticking. I could have rolled it thinner....but I was getting frustrated at that point so I just threw it on the cake.

Then I cut out stars with a cookie cutter...threw them on the cake and TA-DA! My first fondant cake.

It isn't perfect but I think I did good for a first timer!