Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Boyz II Men

I am the BIGGEST fan of Boyz II Men. Ever.

I grew up with their music.

Those harmonies and a capella songs are just beautiful. They definitely don't make music like this anymore.

My favorite member is Shawn. (with his chocolate-y self)

One of my absolute favorite Christmas albums is there Christmas Interpretations album. It doesn't feel like Christmas if I haven't listened to this.

Anyway, these are my favorite songs by them...

End of the Road- Best song ever!!!
Lonely Heart
It's so Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday- This song made me cry after I graduated HS...
Please Don't Go
Uhh Ahh
A Song For Mama
4 Seasons of Loneliness
Can You Stand The Rain
Doin' Just Fine
Dear God
Oh Well
Your Home is In my Heart
On Bended Knee- The Man of My Dreams if going to propose to me while playing this-I hope!!
Water Runs Dry
I'll Make Love To You-  One of My favorite songs ever!!
I Sit Away
Never Go Away


Did I tell you I love Boyz II Men...

I'm off to listen to their Christmas album now!!