Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zucchini Souffle Recipes

No exciting holiday food posts for me today.

Just more zucchini. I had never tried souffle for dinner and for good reason. It's not very filling...or comforting. But it's low on calories. I tried three different recipes.

Making this recipe gave me a reason to try Monterey Jack Cheese. But of the three this is the one I wouldn't recommend. The bisquick mix made it taste salty and it came out kinda mush-y.

This second recipe is definitely better than the first. I loved making it because I used some parsley that I grew from a seed (That's right, I've got a green thumb!) It was easy to make and had an OK flavor.

This last recipe was definitely the best. It had the most flavor. I don't think I used quite three zucchini's and surprisingly even though I don't like Swiss, it was pretty good in this. 

My reccomendation: Don't make zucchini souffle and if you do make sure you have the hot sauce ready!!! 

And a second meal!!