Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The nineties. 

Sigh. I miss the nineties.

Brandy was big in the nineties. She had some great songs and she starred in the Television show Moesha. I loved that show. (I don't know why but I did.) Personally I think she should have ended up with Hakeem vs. Q. Actually she might have, I don't know.

But anyway, this is about music.

I don't think she is a great singer. In fact, I flinched everytime she sang in that Cinderella movie. They should not have matched Brandy's voice against Whitney's. Her voice is just too raspy...but it works in some songs.

Anywho, here is my Brandy playlist...

I Wanna Be Down
I Wanna Be Down Remix
Have You Ever? (My favorite song by her!)
Almost Doesn't Count
Sitting Up In My Room- (Perfect for daydreaming about your crush)
The Boy is Mine
Missing You

I know she came out with an album recently...but I haven't heard it. Anyone know if it's any good?
I haven't like any of her more recent stuff..but you never know!