Saturday, January 19, 2013


This came the day after my other Lush stuff came. Except this one is from the UK. I really can't resist a sale you see..and that's why I ended up ordering another batch of stuff. Don't judge me!!

Let me show you what I got...

Mr. Punch does not look anything like he did on the Lush Website. Maybe I got an end piece. I'm not really sure. Anywho, he smells...really fruity. He's supposed to smell of gin, juniper, black currents, and lime.  And he has cute little black currents (what I assume are black currants on the top) 

Next up, the infamous Honey I Washed The Kids soap. It really smells like toffee. I was a bit surprised. The bad thing is that I had to put my nose right up on the soap to smell it. Hopefully it smells stronger when I actually use it. One other thing is I thought that the "honeycomb" part would be darker. And the soap would be just a tad bit bigger.

Next up was The Godmother. I always think about Cinderella when I hear this name. smells a lot like the Magic Wand bubble bar I got. Like sweet mothballs. I don't like it but hopefully I will when I use it.

Of course I had to get Lush Porridge. It's supposed to have a deep caramel/molasses scent. Mine doesn't. I don't know if it's just a fluke or maybe i need to use it..but I thought the scent would be better.

Another popular soap. It smells like Godmother. Not my type of scent but hopefully it will grow on me when I use it. 

I really like the scent of this. I can't wait to use this one. It's supposed to be kind of pine and lime. Never thought I would like the scent of pine but it smells nice in this.

They sent me half a moon and a small start. This one is also one of my faves. It's soft and citrusy. I got a free piece of this because they were out of the Father Christmas bath bomb. So they sent this and a So White Bath Bomb. (the UK one smells better than the US one.)

This one is another that I've heard a lot about. It's Sexy Peel. And it smells STRONG. I think I like the way Bohemian smells a little but better..but that may change when I actually use them.

Of course I had the get The Comforter bubble bar. It's a tad bit smaller than I thought..considering some people say they cut this into six or nine pieces. But I can't wait to use it. I hear it gives pink water!! 

I bought a scrubby...Lush Sandy Santa. I still have a scrub that I've been using for months!! But when I finish that I will be using the super cute scrub. He has sun glasses on!!

Three bubble bars in one is what Santa's sack is supposed to be. The presents are supposed to be reusable and the sack is the regular bubble bar stuff. It's supposed to turn the water fave color!! It has a kind of spicy scent that I'm not too sure about. Hopefully I like it more when it's in water!

Last but not least I got the Rocket reusable bubble bar. I almost didn't get it but it was a good price. It seems kind of something for a little boy. And I can't really tell what it smells like because it smells like a mixture of everything in the box.

So that's everything I got. Hopefully it will last me through the year until the next sale!!!