Friday, January 11, 2013

Taking a Bath With Mr. Bubble...

I am yet waiting for my stuff from Lush and in the meantime, I didn't want to go out and BUY a bubble bath...But I still wanted to take baths. For some reason, I found a very large thing of Mr. Bubble bubble bath. It brought me allll the way back.

Mr. Bubble is the only stuff I used when I was younger. It made tons of bubbles that I would spend hours playing with.  I would make beards, put them in my hair, squeeze them through my hands to see if they shrunk. Endless hours of fun. So for old times sake I thought I would take Mr. Bubble back into my baths. (Ooh!)

So I run my bath and start pouring and nostalgia hits me. That scent!! I really can't describe it but it smells pretty nice. The smell isn't strong but that's OK. It makes a decent amount of bubbles but I have to admit to using about five ounces instead of the recommended one! One thing I recommend doing is moving the bubble to the other side of the tub or else they just build up in the one side.

I don't like the warnings about the bladder and kidney infection issues. It's probably the unnatural ingredients. the only good thing is the Aloe Vera gel they put into it. But don't count on that to moisturize your skin. This is strictly for creating bubbles!!

And I never have a problem with the bubbles completely disappearing. They do disappear little by little but I find I still have some left at the end. (And I take a bath for 1-2 hours!)

Did you know this stuff used to come in powder from back the in 60's and 70's? I would have liked to try that!!
 Ahh, Mr. Bubble sure does bring back good times.

What do you remember using as a child? Did you use Mr. Bubble?