Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brian Mcknight

No doubt one of my favorite artists.

He kinda looks like someone I dated a long time ago.


Anywho, this man is TALENTED.

I'm surprised to know that most people don't know he's a genius on the piano. Miss Alicia Keys definitely bit off his style.

Anyway, most of his songs make me feel like being in love.

Here are my faves by him:

Anytime-The piano in this is BEAUTIFUL
The Only One For Me- The lyrics are amazing
Back at One- Monster hit of the Nineties, I think everyone knows this song.
One Last Cry
Never Felt this Way- My Wedding song
What We Do Here
Everytime You Go Away- Love this song
Crazy Love- I think this is a remake of a country song
Still In Love
Love Of My Life
Find Myself In You
All Night Long
Good Enough
The Way Love Goes