Sunday, February 17, 2013

Slatkin Apple Crumble

I smelled this in the store and didn't like it but for some reason I thought my opinion would change when I ordered it and burned it. 

It didn't.

Slatkin claims:
Baked Granny Smith and McIntosh Apples topped with vanilla crumble, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Now, I love the smell of apple pie. I've never had apple crumble but I thought they would be similar. This smells artificial. It just has the fake apple scent in mixed with what I guess is crumble. It just smells off to me. I would much rather smell the desert baking in the oven.

The performance of this candle is Ok. It burns evenly and slowly.

I've heard that in the past this one was stubborn and didn't like to burn to the edges. I had no problem with that.

The problem was that this wasn't as strong as some of the other Slatkin candles I have burned. I notice it when walking into a room and then I would forget that I have it burning because I couldn't smell it anymore. But that's not too bad since I don't really like the scent anyway.

Overall, I'm not a fan. Sorry Slatkin.