Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blistex Fruit Smoothies Lip Balm

I've been pretty loyal to Burts Bees, but Burt didn't have anything new for me to try so I decided to try a different brand. And these looked fun. AND they had a bonus lip balm in orange creme so I had to have it.

Blistex claims:
Fruit Smoothies protect and hydrate lips with natural fruit extracts and vitamins. Their unique flavors in creamy blends indulge your lips like no other lip balm.
Super-Smooth Lips: Packed with moisturizers and fortified with natural fruit extracts plus vitamins, Fruit Smoothies are both creamy and juicy.
Fantastic Flavors: Fruit Smoothies explode with fresh tasting fruit flavors. The 3 carefully balanced combinations let you choose which flavor experience you want when you want it.

I did have a little problem with the orange one not rolling up so I wrote the company and they sent me a replacement for free. I'm super impressed with their customer service! So I think I'll be sticking to Blistex for awhile!

They all have SPF in them, which is important for the summer! And they all have a nice thick texture...that stays on for a couple hours. 

There are four in total and they are mini sized. But I think they contain a lot of product and the size makes it easy to keep one in your purse, car, side table etc. I'll start with my favorite to my least favorite to least favorite.

1. Orange Creme: Smells exactly like orange sherbert and vanilla. I wish this wasn't a bonus item. They should include it as a regular!!!

2. Triple Tropical- It smells ike fruit juices....yummy!!

3. Melon Medley- It smells like Lush pineapple grunt soap. It doesn't really smell much like the fruit in the pictures. But I like it.

4. Berry Explosion- My least favorite. It smells...unpleasant. Like Berry medicine. Bleck. 

They all have a slightly sweet taste but I don't know how good licking it off is for you since it isn't all natural. And I do prefer all natural balms.

But I did like this. It's pretty nice. I just wish they would make the orange one permanent!!!