Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lush Figs and Leaves Soap

For some reason I always think of Adam and Eve. Maybe because they rhyme? (Nevermind, I just found it in the Lush description!)

Anyway, I bought this from the Lush store in Saarbrucken- my favorite lush store by the way. It was expensive as is all Lush products. So on with the review:

Lush claims:

A soap that’s like a hug from your mum. Protecting, nourishing, comforting and smells heavenly

Would you Adam and Eve it!
The fresh figs we blend into this soap are not just very, very mositurising on the skin, but the little seeds also act as a gentle exfoliant.
Mo says that this soap is so mild you can use it on your face as well!
When we decide to make a fig soap we really go for it, with masses of fresh figs in each block. We then combine this with aloe vera gel to create a soap that is intensely soothing.
Mark originally invented this fragrance to sum-up his memories of his Auntie Joy. We love the smell so much we also put it in Dorothy Bubble Bar.

 I bought this pretty much un-smelled. I kept trying to sniff it in the store but all I kept smelling was the Lush store. It wasn't until I left the store and was in the car heading home that I could smell it. And...I like it? (I do mean to put a question mark). Then I sniffed again and again and the more I sniffed the more it grew on me. It's hard to describe the scent. It's herbal, a little bit floral, and very fresh. 

Before I used it I let it sit in my room cut into about five pieces and I would catch whiffs of it and it smelled great. I would LOVE a candle or lotion in this scent. I hear Dorothy Bubble bar is supposed to have the same scent.

But in the just doesn't measure up. It's not strong enough, I mean I could smell it but I want it to smell the bathroom up.

It leaves my skin pretty moist- I'm guessing that is the Aloe Vera in it...but my skin appears dry looking so I do need to lotion. 

As for looks, it isn't the best looking soap at the Lush display. I looks kind of earthy with it's fig leaves brownish color.

The actual soap has fig seeds in them that are nice and scrubby but I can see how they could be harsh if you press too hard. I like the exfoliation but if you don't you could just rub it into the loofah for bubbles.

Oh yeah, and this soap is not a latherer (is that a word?). Unless you do use a loofah.

And it doesn't melt as quickly as some of the others!

Overall, it was aight. But I probably wouldn't buy again. I wish Lush made candles though because I really would like my room to smell like this!