Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yankee Candle Sweet Honeysuckle Tart

Something weird has gotten into me lately. I have been craving floral scented candles. Usually the only type of candles I like are food and vanilla scents but lately I have not been wanting to light those at all.

So I reached for Sweet Honeysuckle.

I sniffed it through the wrapper and I didn't like it. But when I lit it up...I fell in love. 

It smells like hot summer days...or nights. Every time I walked into my room I was transported to humid calm summer nights in the south where the only sound you hear are the crickets. Oh yeah, I almost forgot those evil mosquitos that are out biting away. I really like the picture on it looks hazy and summer like.

But yeah, that's exactly what it smells like. And honeysuckle of course. I have only smelled honeysuckle once. I believe I was living in Turkey at the time but I'm not 100% percent sure. From what I remember it smells pretty accurate.

The throw is pretty good. It's about medium. And it lasts more than the eight hours it claims which is great. 

Surprisingly, I really really really like this and it's ability to transport me to summers in the south. 

I think I'll go light mine up right now!!!