Friday, September 6, 2013

Charlie Wilson

Ooh Wee!!

If you ever listened to Charlie Wilson's music then you know he randomly busts out with that in the middle of a song.

I didn't know who Charlie Wilson was until high school when they kept playing that Charlie Last Name Wilson song. I don't really like that song and the video is laughable. Old Charlie Wilson chasing the pretty young things. I did like his I Can Do Magic song though. I didn't make it on my Charlie Wilson playlist though.

When I started listening to his music I found out he was in the Gap Band. I love Gap Band. They sing that song Doin the Butt and Outstanding.

Anyway, these are my favorite Charlie Wilson songs.

Without You- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I remember hearing it on the radio and not knowing who sung it. Glad I found out!

You Are- More modern...but I still like it

There Goes My Baby-If you listen to old R&B stations they usually play this. I liked the music video. in case you haven't seen it, it shows Snoop Dog renewing his vows with his wife. Showed me a side of Snoop I didn't know existed. It was sweet. 

Anway, those three songs make up my Charlie Wilson playlist. If you must listen to only one, definitely check out Without You!!