Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

I remember the first time I saw a nude shade like this. I'm pretty sure it was on Mariah Carey's Rainbow album...she had a color on that looked almost exactly like this, and I couldn't decide whether I liked it. Fast forward a couple years and I finally try it.

And I LOVE it. (Not just because it has Cotton Candy in it...which is also in my blog name!)

I've tried a couple other nude pink shades and they were all extra streaky and took a million coats...but would still end up streaky and never dry. I do use about four coats of this to get it to where I like and the formula is a dream!

This color is also perfect for a french manicure. I would use just one coat though. It's shiny and I don't have many problems with chipping (and if it does it isn't very noticeable).

The only negative thing I can say about it is I don't like it as a pedicure color. I like brighter colors.

Definitely one of my favorite shades and I'm glad it's in my collection. Now I just need to try a nude brown shade. Any recommendations?

I took a picture with and without flash...ignore my thirty cuticles and uneven nails! I could really use a good filing!