Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Fitness Goals

I'm back with the fitness goals. I fell off track. And it wasn't pretty. If I don't do a post and set goals...I don't do anything. I have upped my veggie intake...I've been drinking green smoothies. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up it can be easy to put on five (very unwanted) pounds. So I decided to come up with fitness goals again.

1) Work out minimum of thirty minutes a day
2) Drink mostly water
3) Get some type of green veggie in me every day. 

So small goals but I gotta start somewhere. I did do a twenty minute Zumba class today. 

As extra motivation I did buy new sneaker. I had New Balance before which were kinda clunky. I think I'll make those my walking shoes now.

These are my new ones. I got them for like $35.00. They were on sale. They are kinda bright but I don't mind. They are just for working out anyway.

I also bought a new sports bra. My old ones were getting pretty raggedy and didn't support anything. I think I'll be getting another one in a few nearly thirty dollars for one I need to pace myself.

And that's all. Wish me luck!!