Thursday, December 12, 2013

Justify Buying Expensive Beauty Products

When I go to sleep I dream of brands like MAC, Lancome, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, Stila, Benefit, Too Faced, Clarisonic- you name it, I want it.

But sometimes it's a little hard to justify buying a twenty/thirty dollar mascara or foundation when I know that eight dollar one works just as well if not better. Some products you really are just paying for the name or the pretty packaging, and sometimes the more expensive thing is just higher quality.

I love quality...but I also love a bargain. So I often times try to alternate the expensive stuff with something cheap. So I might buy  drugstore mascara and then something a little more expensive the next time.

Then I also have a little list of ways to justify the that way I don't feel so bad when I do purchase something expensive.

1. I don't get my nails done (which can cost more the thirty bucks to get them done every two weeks) so that justifies buying more expensive brands and having a bigger collection. My collection is super small but it grows every week!

2. I don't get my hair ever. So it was Ok for me to buy the Sedu and buy some of the more expensive hair product brands. 

3. I work. And every now and then it's Ok to treat yourself with your hard earned money. Hello Donna Summers she works hard for the money song!

4. I'm a blogger. I have to review things right?  Right.

5. Stress relief. After a hard week knowing that I have some new to try out relieves a LOT of stress. A new nail color that I LOVE can make me happy every time I look at my nails. Or trying a new Lush bath bomb just makes me happy and relaxed. 

6. Theres a sale. Or a really good coupon. And it would be wasteful not to use it. I have a fifteen dollar coupon from Sephora that will be used for just that reason. I think I'm gonna use it tomorrow to get some Makeup Forever shadows. 

So next time you see that expensive it! And enjoy it.

And stay tuned for my Sephora Haul!

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