Saturday, January 11, 2014

You Need Protein Shakes....

I've been meaning to write this post for awhile. I've been working out for a little while now and every time I would tell someone I was working out now, they would recommend protein shakes. They are super popular and easy to make and  available everywhere. 

So I was in the protein aisle taking a little look when I realized everything in that aisle looked super gimmicky. And I've heard a few horror stories of people having health issues after messing with some of the stuff in those aisles. 

Plus I think when people hear I've been lifting a couple weights they think I wanna look super muscular. That look is not for me. I want to tone up just a little. Looking extra muscular is not for me.

So I decided to go a little googling. 

Do you really need protein powders?

Not really. I feel like those powders are man made protein powders that have a ton of extra additives that you really don't need. You do need more protein when your working out...but what's wrong with eating more chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, or greek yoghurt? Besides they have more nutrients in them the body needs that a protein powder just can't provide.

So there it is. No protein powders for me! I'll just stick to the eating the source of protein. 

Yum Yum.