Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christina Aguilera

Time for another music post!

I've been a fan of Christina Aguilera forever. Well, since I was in the sixth grade. I was addicted to "Come on Over Baby"

HEY boy dontcha know, I got something going on (singing in my sexy voice!)

That was my jam.

Anyway that Christmas I got both her self titled album and her Christmas album. And proceeded to learn all her songs and try to imitate that amazing powerful voice. I couldn't, but I tried.

Her second album was even better, actually I think it's her best album to date. Well excluding her newest which I haven't really listened to. It sounds like in her last two CD's she was trying to imitate other popular artists.

In the Christina vs Britney debate, I always had Christina's back. While Britney can dance her butt off, she just can't sing. True story. And I forgive her for over singing almost everything she sings, because if I had her voice I would overusing everything too!

Anyway, these are my favorite songs by her....

Come On Over Baby
Save Me From Myself
You Lost Me
Genie In A Bottle- Anyone have the doll that played a clip of the song?
Love Will Find A Way
Reflection-When Disney was still pumping out great songs
I Turn To You
The whole Christmas album!
Walk Away
The Voice Within

Happy Listening!