Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't DO that to Your Face! -Makeup Don'ts!

The first rule of makeup is that there are no rules.

You can wear your makeup however you want. But there are some things in my opinion that are just plain "NOs!"

I believe makeup is meant to enhance, not mask. Unless of course you are going for a certain look.

Anyway, these are some of my makeup don'ts. 

Don't judge me on these pics. All in good fun

2. Heavy Brows- These is nothing wrong with thick brows. I think they are beautiful. My problem is with the women that don't have the naturally and draw them on so THICK. If you have to draw on brows why not try to make them as natural as possible? I've seen some wonderful tutorials on youtube for drawing brows. Equally as offensive are pencil thin drawn on brows.

2. Over highlighted Under Eyes-  I tried to copy this look after watching a few tutorials until I decided it just looks silly. There is nothing wrong with brightening the area. But there is a point when it looks clownish. Tamar Braxton is often guilt of over highlighting. 

3. Diva Lashes for Everyday- Taking out the trash, grocery shopping, on the job..none of these require diva lashes. 99% of the time we can tell they are fake.  Save them for special occasions or get really subtle ones. I know this girl that wore her falsies and the aforementioned brows all the time. She looks like a nightmare!

4. Ghost Foundation- No one wants to walk around looking like Casper. Sometimes it can be hard to color match your skin. I've definitely purchased foundation and then been horrified to find out it was too light for me...so I darkened it. Don't forget to blend out the jaw and hariline. Back in high school, I was definitely guilt of not blending enough. That and wearing foundation that was way to dark or light for me. Nowadays, I'm better at picking a shade. 

5. Color from Lash Line to Brow- For subtle colors this is fine. For crazier colors...please don't. I actually saw a woman making tutorials on youtube doing this..it was a hot mess. I'm horrified that she tries to instruct others on makeup. Bleck!

6. Ash for Lipgloss- Nude pinks can look beautiful. Ashy pinks are never a good luck. I used to think only chocolate girls had this problem...but that isn't true. Pornstar pinks or ashy pink is a no no. Just...don't! 

7. Obvious black liner on lips- This can work...when blended properly. Otherwise, it looks too much like a 90's look. I love the 90's but not this particular look. 

And that's all! 

What are your makeup don'ts?