Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Beat Face"

I got some bloggin' to do.

I don't really have an excuse as to why I haven't posted for a week. I have a midterm...but it's not like I've started. Mostly I've just been trying to finish American Horror Story. Which I've finished. Season Three is NOT my favorite. I love the second and third ones the best. But the last season...did Angela Basset not look gorgeous? And she's getting up there in age.

Anyway, in addition to American Horror Story I've been watching a ton of youtube vids. And I really wanted to "beat" my face to.

For some reason it doesn't photograph THAT much different then my regular face. 

But it was fun. And I didn't look like a clown. I contoured and highlighted and piled the products on. I even contoured my nose. I need more practice at that. For some reason it's photographing a little bit ashy. I'm not sure if it's the minerals or the setting powder. It didn't look like that in person at all.  I think this is the most makeup I have ever worn in my life. Not something I would do everyday but definitely when I want my face to look good. Because I still had my sweats on. Haha!

Bare Minerals Foundation in Medium Deep
Make Up Forever Concealer Palette (4)
Covergirl Ebony Bronze
Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
NYX Cocoa Blush
MAC Gold Deposit

Urban Decay Vice 2-Rewind, Radar, Smoke Out
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Liner (black)
NYX Extreme Apricot Mascara
Diorshow Mascara

Fashion Fair Lip Liner Dark Plum
NYX Minimalism Lipstick

And I'm super excited because I used my brand new MAC 182. It costs $53 bucks but it works a lot better with the foundation then any brush I've ever used with it. It is a goat hair brush and supposedly natural brushes work better with mineral makeup. The only bad thing is it has shed like seven hairs already. And it smells funny when you wash it. Other than those two things, I love it!