Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Straight Hair!

I got my hair straightened today! Of course it started to frizz almost immediately s I wasn't able to take any great pictures but I tried anyway.

I was pretty surprised at the length of my hair. It has really grown over the past year and I haven't been taking care of it. Of course, I had to get almost three inches snipped but it was still pretty long.

I'm glad I got so much cut off of it because I bought a big tub of deep conditioner and want to get serious about taking good care of it.

That means giving my hair a good balance of protein and moisture. I tend to overload on the moisture because my hair doesn't do too well with protein but I actually found a deep conditioner that doesn't mess with that balance too much. I will be using it over the next couple weeks and hopefully see an improvement in the amount of split end I get.

Anyway, here are a few pics.

I'm excited about my new hair journey. Hopefully I can stick to it!!